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Carillion plc is a leading international support services business. While their roots are in construction, today they provide all the services needed to create and manage places which play a vital part in national economies and local communities.

Carillion employ over 46,000 staff, have an annual revenue around £5bn and operate across Britain, Canada, the Middle East, North Africa and the Caribbean.

Adding value in and out of the boardroom

The challenge

Although Carillion were already using a tool which provided a central location for viewing and managing board documents, the company secretarial team were still tasked with the challenge of printing and distributing board packs. The existing production process was labour intensive, often encountering printing hold ups and subsequent delays to the despatch and delivery of the board documents.

It was important for Carillion that any new solution provided cost efficiencies, both in terms of the time and labour dedicated to board pack production, coupled with directors being able to easily and securely access board documentation whilst on the move and offline.

The solution

After reviewing a number of solutions, Carillion decided to adopt BoardPad. Some of the reasons why BoardPad was implemented included the ease of use and completely integrating with Blueprint OneWorld, an entity management platform.

Carillion were one of the first clients to seize the opportunity and take advantage of the benefits of the cutting-edge technology into the boardroom. Carillion launched the solution at an international board meeting, where all attendees seamlessly accessed and annotated the meeting details and documents through BoardPad.

From director’s perspective

BoardPad has been very well-received by board members. “When people use the system, they are immediately converted. Very early on, we were seeing that our non-execs were liking the system and taking it back to their other companies. And equally, in our own business, our executives wanted their committee papers and subsidiary papers all in BoardPad”, said Richard Tapp, Company Secretary and Director of Legal Services.

“We put quite a lot of corporate induction data in the Reading Room, which is helpful because, as with most corporates, our induction packs for directors used to be two to three large A4 binders but now we just have everything in the Reading Room”, said Mr Tapp.

From a board administration perspective

BoardPad has been well received by the company secretariat team, all members being very enthusiastic about the user-friendly technology. Previously the management of meetings and the distribution of the related paperwork was a time consuming and labour intensive process. Circulating board papers to Carillion’s directors involved printing board packs and then arranging for a courier to deliver papers.

“From an administration view point, it’s very easy to use. We have many subsidiary boards and committees who use BoardPad and we are able to easily train someone in the relevant department so they can manage their meetings in BoardPad themselves”, said Mr Tapp.


Carillion’s transition from a paper based board pack to an electronic alternation has proved to be a landmark decision for their secretariat department. “People will always find reasons not to adopt new technology and often they only need one experience and that will cause them to say “I will just carry on as I used to” and I think that is a credit to BoardPad that, you just don’t see this reaction. Once people are using it they like it”, said Mr Tapp.

BoardPad has exceeded our expectations to deliver and manage effective communication to our board members.

Tim George, Deputy Company Secretary, Carillion plc

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