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Community Integrated Care is one of the UK’s largest health and social care charities.

They work in the community, delivering life-enhancing support to people with a diverse range of care needs, including; learning disabilities, mental health concerns, autism, age-related needs and dementia.

Community Integrated Care benefit from significant cost savings

The challenge

With five board meetings held annually, and each board meeting consisting of 15 board members, the administration team would have had to manually produce 75 board packs annually. The charity also holds weekly executive meetings, each consisting of seven executive members where 315 board packs were produced. Previously, the organisation spent upwards of four days producing paper board packs for a single meeting.

Any last-minute changes required reprinting, emailing updated documents, reams of paper, additional printer cartridges and the ever present risk that the printers would not perform which could delay the entire process. The cost of postage and administrative time spend was a sizeable drain in resources.

The solution

Community Integrated Care had a number of key requirements when searching for an effective electronic alternative to a paper board pack. The solution had to be reliable and easy to use, even by those with minimum computer skills. The ability to intuitively annotate documents was also important. Community Integrated Care were also looking for a secure solution and wanted to be confident that that any data stored and distributed was not compromised. The solution has enhanced the companies working practices by cutting down on the physical storage of papers.

From a board member’s perspective

David Staples, Group Secretary and Head of Legal says, “when we first introduced BoardPad as an alternative to paper board packs, board members had some reservations because they were used to paper. After receiving training, members felt more comfortable about switching to electronic board packs.”

The board appreciated that BoardPad gave them access to information quickly and efficiently, eliminating the need to carry heavy paper packs around. “The Reading Room provided Trustees with a wealth of data which is securely stored and easily accessible at their convenience”, says David.

From an administrator’s perspective

The meeting organisers were pleased with the reduction in the amount of time, effort and resources required for compiling board packs, by streamlining their processes in BoardPad. In particular, they were happy that BoardPad accommodated last-minute changes.

“The implementation of BoardPad was an easy transition. It has made the creation of meetings much quicker with less administrative resources. Any changes can be made at short notice which gives the secretarial team control over how meetings are conducted and what information is available to the Board”, says David.


Community Integrated Care’s evolution from paperless board packs to BoardPad has resulted in substantial cost savings for the company. The executive team have now also adopted BoardPad for their weekly meetings, saving over 300 paper meeting packs per year. Meeting organisers are thrilled as they can get the material to the board members and executive team quicker and make amends when necessary.

With BoardPad, the cost savings in management time to the Charity alone justifies its use. Users will wonder why they didn’t move to BoardPad sooner!

David Staples, Group Secretary and Head of Legal, Community Integrated Care

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