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Situated in Surrey, United Kingdom, Cranleigh School is an independent boarding school, founded in 1865.

The School Cranleigh is a co-educational school for boys and girls between the ages of 13 and 18.

Delivering an A+ service to the board

The challenge

Holding a combination of 23 board meetings annually and with each board pack consisting of on average 90 pages, the school required a more resourceful way of collating and distributing board papers. As many of the board members were travelling, delivering paper board packs was inefficient. The school also needed a solution that was able to store a large quantity of documents that board members could view online and offline, from any location in the world.

The solution

Cranleigh School had a number of key requirements when searching for an effective electronic alternative to paper board packs. The solution implemented allows board members and governors to store large quantities of documents which can be viewed from anywhere in the world. The vast majority of governors and executive officers have made the transition from paper to BoardPad easily and with confidence.

From a director’s perspective

Board members were extremely positive about BoardPad as a paperless solution for distributing information for board meetings. Patrick Roberts, Bursar, explains, “directors noticed an immediate improvement in the process of accessing board papers through an iPad. BoardPad has enabled directors to conveniently and securely access their board documents and carrying weighty board packs is no longer necessary.

They really liked the comfort of carrying a portable tablet, the ease of navigating around the papers in a board pack and the ability to store general information within the Reading Room. The most significant benefit is improved efficiency which has, in turn, aided decision making by the board and sub-committees”.

From a board administration perspective

Meeting organisers are happy with BoardPad as it has saved them time and costs associated with the stressful manual production of board packs. With BoardPad the meeting administrators can update papers at any time and deliver them quickly to executives as well as using the Reading Room to upload additional documents.

The team were also pleased with the increased accuracy of distributed information.The administration of board and committee meetings have been simplified, the accuracy and prevalence of briefing papers has been improved, thus enhancing the passage of information.


Directors, senior managers and meeting organisers are pleased with the smooth transition from paper to electronic board packs. BoardPad has definitely helped deliver a more efficient service to the board. Board decisions are, therefore, made with greater knowledge of factors, again, improving efficiency. We would recommend BoardPad to any organisation who would like to improve efficiency to the board.

The administration of board and committee meetings has been simplified, saving time and cost.

Patrick Roberts, Bursar, Cranleigh School

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