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Dudley College is a further education institution based in the West Midlands, United Kingdom.

The College offers over 4,000 courses in a wide range of academic and vocational programs for career, leisure or personal enhancement, to over 12,000 students.

Introducing a paperless boardroom to enhance efficiency

The challenge

Dudley College holds six corporation meetings, 20 sub-committee meetings and 25 directorate meetings each year, producing up to 20 board packs for each meeting. Their objective was to digitalise the way board papers are created and distributed to the board. The solution needed to be secure, intuitive and easy to use for both board members and administrators.

The solution

The College started to search for an electronic solution to help improve efficiency and speed in which papers were delivered to board members and also to keep up with the advances in communications technology. After reviewing a number of products, Dudley College selected BoardPad because it was flexible enough to suit their needs, provided the highest levels of security and ran from iPad and Windows tablets.

The bespoke training provided by the BoardPad team enabled a smooth implementation. BoardPad has helped the College considerably cut down on the time involved in the production of papers, completely removing a large part of the process which involved printing, collating and preparing vast quantities of paperwork.

From a board member’s perspective

Board members were eager to implement BoardPad as the benefits were instantly apparent. Gill Dallimore, Manager of Corporate Administration and Assistant to Principle explains, “since using BoardPad, board members and directors are pleased that they can instantly and securely access new documents as well as information from past meetings. They have been particularly impressed with the speed of navigating through different content while a meeting is in progress”.

“Board members particularly love the fact that they get instant access to papers as soon as they are published, regardless of where in the world they are. Even those who are less technologically adept have coped very well with the transition”.

From a meeting organiser’s perspective

The administration team have enjoyed the substantial amount of time saved in compiling board packs. They now have the ability to quickly set up meetings and instantly distribute information to board members. Through the use of the Reading Rooms, administrators can deposit a range of documents for directors and board members to review.

Overall, the introduction of BoardPad streamlined the meeting and document management process so they have more time to focus on other tasks and priorities. “The trainer who trained both the administrators and end users was exceptionally helpful, and provided training at an appropriate level depending on the varying needs and abilities of the individuals,” said Gail Dallimore.


The increase in efficiency and time saved for both the board and administrators has been significant. After successfully implementing BoardPad to host corporate and sub-committee meetings, Dudley College decided to also use it during weekly senior management meetings.

The time saving in the production of board packs has been considerable allowing administrators to concentrate on other tasks.

Gill Dallimore, Manager of Corporate Administration and Assistant to Principle, Dudley College

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