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Magenta Living is a not-for-profit organisation with approximately 12,200 properties making them the largest registered provider of affordable housing in Wirral.

As a not-for-profit registered provider and a housing association committed to good governance practises, Magenta Living is regulated by the Government’s Home and Communities Agency.

Efficiently providing secure meeting packs to the Board

The challenge

The housing association holds 30 board and committee meetings each year, producing 16 board packs for each meeting. The creation of paper board packs was taking the administration team two days to produce, for one meeting. After trialling other solutions, Magenta Living needed to find a more sophisticated solution to host their meetings allowing directors to annotate directly onto a document, and was highly secure and portable.

The solution

After speaking with a number of other housing associations, BoardPad came highly recommended. With a demonstration from the BoardPad team, Magenta Living felt that BoardPad could deliver their requirements. The efficiency of the team has improved dramatically. Colin Arnold, Head of ICT explains, “we no longer spend a full day printing papers and compiling them, only to then spend another day copying them and having them delivered.”

“We are also able to log on and check when board directors have accessed their papers so we’re much more aware of our board’s contribution to meetings in terms of preparation, something we’re finding really useful as we head into the appraisal process.”

From the director’s perspective

The implementation of BoardPad has been well-received by the Magenta Living board. Board members have enjoyed being able to download and access their past and present papers instantly, wherever they are, without having to contact the administration team. “The transition went smoothly allowing the board to begin using the product immediately”, says Colin Arnold.

“Since introducing BoardPad, even the most technophobic board directors have not looked back! Our directors like the simplicity and overall user experience. I often overhear board members giving one another tips on functionality they have discovered whilst using the product,” Colin adds.

From a meeting organiser’s perspective

The administration team at Magenta Living have been thrilled with the speed, efficiency and accuracy that BoardPad has brought to the organisation. BoardPad administration platform, Connects, intuitive functionality has allowed administrators to quickly change agenda items, re-upload reports and publish last-minute documents or changes with ease. The most significant benefit has been the time saved by producing electronic board packs.

Magenta Living found the training and support offered by BoardPad extremely helpful and found the team were always prepared to answer any queries or issues that may arise. The drag and drop functionality has saved the administration team a lot of time and we can now issue board papers in a timely manner.


The transition to a paperless boardroom has increased the overall efficiency of the board and administration team. Board members can now instantly and securely access their board packs from any location. The administration team can create meetings and upload documents, significantly decreasing the amount of time spent collating meeting packs. The efficiency of the team has improved dramatically, administrators no longer spend a full day printing and compiling papers.

The BoardPad support team have been very efficient in answering our queries and provided support outside working hours.

Jessica Sutton, Board Administrator, Magenta Living

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