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SThree plc is an international specialist recruitment business, placing both permanent and contract staff in niche segments of the market. Since 1986, SThree have been providing services around the world.

They have 55 offices in 15 countries, employ 2,200 staff and have a diverse client base of over 7,500 clients. SThree is committed to running the company in accordance with the best practice, especially corporate governance.

Cutting costs in the boardroom and enhancing boardroom practices

The challenge

The SThree company secretariat team were tasked with improving processes, and reducing the costs associated with the management and preparation of their board and committee meetings. SThree hold around ten board meetings and eight committee, audit and remuneration meetings, per annum.

Each board meeting requires the preparation of 12 board packs, which takes one person a whole day to prepare. Each time there is a board and committee meeting, up to 35 packs are prepared, which, a day and a half to complete. SThree were searching for a solution that would provide cost efficiencies, and also be well received by the board.

The solution

After reviewing a number of products, SThree chose BoardPad because of its ease of use for their directors and the fantastic annotation features, which they deemed to be more refined than in other solutions. BoardPad’s hands-on support during and post implementation and the user friendly administration platform, also helped SThree’s decision to choose BoardPad.

The fact that the BoardPad application is delivered via iPad, excited the directors and ensured that they were comfortable about utilising the software. Security was a concern for SThree’s IT department, but they were confident that BoardPad met their strict security standards and their corporate data would be safe.

With BoardPad now in place, SThree is looking at saving an average of £5,400 to £9,000 per annum on the production and delivery of board packs. In terms of the resource required, SThree can save about ten days of work, previously required to prepare paper board and committee packs for its meetings annually.

From the director’s perspective

BoardPad was very well-received by board members. Some of the non-executive directors had built up their own software companies and were very enthusiastic to embrace new technology. An immediate advantage directors gained after using BoardPad was that they no longer had to carry cumbersome board packs around. They found the application extremely intuitive, particularly when making document annotations and quickly accessing different items of the agenda, whether online or offline.

From a meeting organiser’s perspective

“With BoardPad in place, our jobs are less stressful and so much easier because with BoardPad’s administrative platform we can compile packs very quickly, even with last-minute changes to individual agenda items and be confident directors access the most up-to-date documentation prior to the meeting”, says SThree’s Company Secretary. “The BoardPad team was very helpful and responsive during the implementation phase. Our training was very comprehensive and both the team and directors were confident about using the system straight away”.


SThree’s transition from using paper board packs to an electronic alternative has proved to be very successful. With the potential cost and resource savings, SThree has no doubt that BoardPad has greatly enhanced their boardroom practices and also positively contributed to their corporate responsibility policy.

The laborious process of producing and carrying heavy board packs is now a thing of the past.

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