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Town and Country Housing Group are a leading housing association in South East, United Kingdom, committed to providing quality housing and excellent customer service to support and develop vibrant communities.

The Group provides more than 9,000 affordable homes in 22 local authorities in Kent, Sussex, Surrey and South London.

Developing effective corporate governance practices for the future

The challenge

Town and Country Housing Group hold up to 19 board meetings, 14 committee meetings and 24 group executive meetings annually. Producing up to 20 board packs for board and committee meetings, this takes the company secretarial team up to three days to collate, print and despatch the papers. The Group decided it was time to provide the board with an intuitive and efficient electronic solution.

The solution

Board members took to BoardPad immediately, embraced the training and gave the product every opportunity to succeed. This was borne out by a BoardPad trainer attending the first board meeting for only 10 minutes, which was all that was needed.

The board is pleased with BoardPad and has embraced it as the tool for meetings. The make good use of the Reading Rooms for supporting policies and other important documents and reference materials. Board members have been very pleased that they do not receive large amounts of paper in the post anymore.

From a board member’s perspective

The board were enthusiastic about BoardPad as an electronic board solution. The combination of an easy to use platform, having all reference materials in one place, intuitive annotation tools and immediate access to board reports, increased the efficiency in which board members worked and improved their overall decision-making abilities.

From an administrator’s perspective

The administration team at Town and Country have been impressed with the time savings and value for money that BoardPad has brought to their organisation. It has also become a useful tool for storing the Group’s governance information, enabling them to reference material easily and quickly.

The implementation of BoardPad throughout the Housing Association has run smoothly from start to finish. The Group found the project management and implementation team to be of the highest quality and always willing to resolve any queries and issues that came up.


The switch to a paperless boardroom has been effective for Town and Country Housing Group. Administrators have experienced significant time savings since using BoardPad to prepare board packs, allowing them to focus on other important work. Board members have enjoyed not having to carry weighty packs around and being able to access and work on board papers as soon as they are made available.

We did a review and estimated that it was costing us around £70,000 – £80,000 per year to put together our paper packs.

Paul Cooper, Deputy Company Secretary, Town and Country Housing Group

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