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The University of Illinois Foundation (UIF) is the official fundraising and private gift-receiving agency for the University of Illinois and its three campuses.

Working closely with alumni, faculty, corporations, foundations and campus development staff members to create fundraising programs and opportunities that benefit the University.

Improving effectiveness in the boardroom

The challenge

UIF hold three board meetings and 23 committee meetings annually and produce up to 90 paper board packs for the meetings and, on average, 20-38 packs for each of the committee meetings. Typically, mailing and printing expenses can escalate to a considerable amount annually. Meeting organisers were asked to assess methods for reducing the cost and improve efficiency while producing and distributing the papers.

The solution needed to save time for both administrators and board members, reduce overall costs and be simple and easy to use. UIF looked at four products and chose BoardPad as it offered the best all round package, including training and support.

The solution

UIF had specific requirements when looking for an electronic alternative to a paper board packs. The solution had to be intuitive and easy to use for both the board members and the meeting organisers. It was essential that the board members could securely access the documents online and offline and that the meeting organisers had control over the distribution and retention of documents.

The ability to annotate the documents quickly and intuitively was another key requirement. The solution as a whole had to be cost effective and easy to manage for over 60 users. UIF evaluated approximately five other products and chose BoardPad because it offered the best combination of what was required.

From a director’s perspective

Board members were very pleased and excited about BoardPad as an alternative to paper board packs. Bill Reynen, Chief Information Officer says “they were particularly pleased that they had less to carry and that they were able to view multiple materials simultaneously online and offline, at their convenience”.

Another significant feature was the annotation tools where directors could easily add comments, free-draw, highlight, underline and strike through text productively using the annotation tools. “Our board members cover a wide range of ages and technical ability and almost everyone adopted it easily and we received many positive comments on their experience”, says Mr Reynen.

From a meeting organiser’s perspective

The meeting organisers at the UIF were delighted with the amount of time and effort saved by using BoardPad, and the speed in which information is delivered to the board. “Overall, we’ve been very pleased with the training provided by BoardPad and would happily recommend BoardPad to any organisation evaluating their overheads and wanting to improve efficiency within their organisation”, explains Mr Reynen.

BoardPad allows committee liaisons to project documents directly onto a screen for board members to follow. “We can now get material to board members quicker than before and can easily distribute updates or amendments, this is a significant advantage over using paper board packs”.


UIF’s transition from paper board packs to an electronic version has made a positive impact to the board. Meeting organisers can now get material to board members faster and can make quick amends, when necessary. Board members can view multiple materials at the touch of a finger because. By implementing BoardPad, UIF have dramatically reduced printing and mailing costs for board meetings.

BoardPad has been remarkable. The feedback received from directors and meeting organisers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Bill Reynen, Chief Information Officer, University of Illinois Foundation

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