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Established in 1897, Wates Group is one of the UK’s largest family-owned construction services and development companies.

Wates Group specialises in maximising value by finding the most intelligent and creative ways to deliver outstanding buildings and has a proven track record across their core markets.

Improving quality control and security in the boardroom

The challenge

With more than 2,000 employees and 16 offices across the UK, Wates Group holds a combination of 70 board, committee and management meetings annually. Producing up to 15 paper board packs for each meeting, which can take, on average three days  each month to compile. Typically, printing and distribution costs range from £1,000–£1,500 per annum. Consequently, Wates Group was evaluating more cost-effective and efficient methods of producing board packs.

The solution

Wates Group had key requirements when considering an electronic alternative to a paper board pack. An essential element included how quickly meeting documents could be delivered to directors and the security of the information being shared.

Other key requirements included the ability to store a large quantity of documents that board members could view online and offline and how intuitively electronic board packs could be used. The solution implemented was secure, helped to reduce the time taken to collate board packs and has allowed directors to quickly access the necessary information.

From a director’s perspective

Board members found BoardPad intuitive and easy to navigate and directors were pleased they could access all information swiftly from one device, without carrying heavy paper packs. The board were really surprised at how intuitive the system was to use. Debbie Hawkes, Assistant Company Secretary, commenting on BoardPad “directors liked the look of board papers and the meeting layouts on the iPad. Another key benefit was that they liked the immediate availability of the packs on BoardPad from any location. This makes the directors much more independent as they don’t need to wait for meeting papers to arrive in the post.”

From a meeting organiser’s perspective

The Wates secretarial team were thrilled with the improvement in efficiency and the reduction in errors that might have occurred during copying large amounts of paper and manual collation. Debbie explains “with BoardPad, creating electronic board papers has been quicker, less labour intensive and distribution costs have significantly reduced. BoardPad has been impressive and helped us save up to £1,500 per annum on printing and distribution costs alone, not to mention the re-gained resource costs. The secretariat team like the fact that they do not have to spend hours trying to collate papers and remove jammed paper from the printer.”


Wates Group’s transition from producing paper board packs to an electronic alternative has been successful. BoardPad has helped the Group deliver a more efficient service to the board and management team. The process is more efficient and fewer errors occur, allowing last minute changes to take place.

I would most definitely recommend BoardPad to any organisation looking at an intuitive and reliable electronic board meeting solution.

Debbie Hawkes, Assistant Company Secretary, Wates Group

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