Delivering consistent information across the board

The challenge

The Group holds up to 30 board meetings, 15 committee meetings and 25 group executive meetings annually. On average board packs for these meetings can range from 80 to 200 pages, with up to 20 to 30 agenda items. Normally taking the board administrators up to one day (or more) to produce. The Group needed to find an electronic board solution to modernise their business, as well as save time and associated costs.

The solution

After unsuccessfully trialling and manually creating PDF versions of meeting packs and distributing them to board members, the group realised they needed a refined and intuitive solution to compile and distribute board packs.

As part of the housing groups ‘Journey to Excellence’ initiative they needed a product that could be easily rolled out across the Group, with intuitive functionality and the ability to bring consistency and integrate with the Group’s way of working. BoardPad has enabled WM Housing to adopt a uniform and consistent approach in how information is presented at board and committee meetings.

From a board member’s perspective

“We looked at other options, BoardPad came highly recommended and, once it was presented to executives and senior board members, we felt that this product was the one to go with” says Mike Platts, Information Security/Technical Administrator. The introduction of BoardPad throughout the Group has been very successful. BoardPad’s easy to use functionality has allowed board members of all technological capabilities to adapt to the product easily.

The initial trial of BoardPad took place at the WM Housing Group board meeting in December 2013. The feedback from that meeting alone resulted in the proposed roll-out period for BoardPad being significantly reduced, with a view to getting iPads issued across all boards within the Group sooner rather than later.

From a meeting organiser’s perspective

Since the implementation of BoardPad, the main benefit to the secretarial teams has been the time saved by producing electronic board packs. Administrators have been impressed with the training and support they have received from the BoardPad team. “After initial concerns that the product training seemed too short, they quickly realised that this was the intention, due to the simplicity of the administrator platform, Connect. The training provided has equipped the secretarial team and board members with the confidence and knowledge to use it effectively”, says Andy Stephens, Governance Officer.


BoardPad has already proven to increase security, improve efficiency and bring consistency across the board. BoardPad will allow a uniform, consistent approach to be developed across the Group in terms of how information is presented at board and committee meetings. This is something that has been difficult in the past with different in the various parts of the Group and its partner associations.

BoardPad take the security of data very seriously and we feel that our board data is much more secure and controlled than it was before.

Andy Stephens, Governance Officer, WM Housing

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