BoardPad Minutes

One unified system

BoardPad Minutes is a premium add-on, built to provide a collaborative and secure approach to the management and delivery of meeting minutes.

Sitting within BoardPad’s administration platform, Connect, Minutes provides administrators with one unified system to manage the entire meeting process.

  • Save time with prepopulating capabilities
  • Record minutes online or offline
  • Automate and customise the distribution of minutes
  • Associate minutes directly to Agenda and Action Items
  • Record decisions
  • Improve security over meeting minutes
  • Distribute draft minutes for approval
  • Securely archive and retrieve minutes.

Why Minutes

The only truly integrated minute taking solution

BoardPad Minutes was developed to address the growing demand for an integrated and secure solution for minute taking and meeting document management.

BoardPad is the only board portal with a truly integrated approach to minutes with one single application for capturing governance and decision making information.

Our heritage with ICSA – The Governance Institute, provides us with a unique insight into best practises. We understand that the management of minutes can be a stressful and time-consuming task for any governance professional.

Preparation is essential to the quality of minutes. BoardPad Minutes simplifies and automates the minute taking process, providing administrators with a secure tool to use at each stage of the meeting lifecycle – before, during and after the meeting.

Before the meeting

Minutes saves you time even before the meeting has started. A template is produced and is prepopulated with an outline based on the agenda and all the relevant meeting details, including:

  • Participants list
  • Logistical details
  • Agenda items
  • Supporting documents
  • Actions from previous meeting.

During the meeting

During the meeting you can capture your meeting notes, online or offline.

All meeting notes are linked with specific agenda items providing an auditable hierarchy of decision making and accountability for follow up actions.

Minutes gives you the flexibility to work the way you like, for example, you can assign actions and decisions directly to the relevant agenda items during the meeting or after the meeting.

After the meeting

After the meeting, it’s time to refine and publish your minutes.

Start by editing your meeting notes. Then assign your meeting notes, and decisions directly to the associated agenda or action items.

Preview and edit your draft minutes and when complete, the Minutes builder will automatically produce and distribute your minutes for approval.

Once published, your minutes will then be securely stored, available to you and your directors, when needed.