BoardPad for Android is here!

BoardPad for android launch


ICSA Boardroom Apps Limited, the developers of BoardPad, today announced the worldwide launch of their BoardPad for Android application at the Sevva Rooftop bar in Hong Kong.


The launch of BoardPad for Android is of significant importance to Hong Kong and China, as Android is the platform of choice for many businesses in the region. With the recent exclusion of Apple based products by the Chinese Government, the critical need for an Android board portal solution has never been more in demand.

Governance professionals attending the launch event were some of the first to experience the new BoardPad for Android application. “This major addition to the BoardPad family provides organisations with a greater level of flexibility in the devices used when moving to paperless meetings. Whether your business supports an Apple, Windows or Android environment, directors can use the device of their choice and still access the same meeting information and documents”, says Phillip Baldwin, BoardPad Director for Hong Kong and China.

“Organisations now have a greater level of flexibility in the devices used when moving to paperless meetings as directors can use the device of their choice and securely access the same meeting information and documents as their colleagues”.

The exclusive launch event was attended by directors, C-suite executives and governance professionals from some of the most prestigious and influential companies in Hong Kong. Delegates who gathered at the event included representatives from the banking, retail, logistics, telecommunications, construction, government and the pharmaceutical sector.

“BoardPad for Android has been developed to enable governance professionals to fulfil their role with tools specifically designed for them and their needs. BoardPad for Android will also enable businesses to meet some of the key objectives set out by the Environment Bureau of Hong Kong and the Council for Sustainable Development” says Mr Baldwin. These objectives include:

  • Improving quality of life by reducing overall pollution and waste
  • Reducing environmental impact and helping to preserve common resources.


Key features of BoardPad for Android include:

  • Corporate and individual document libraries
  • Secure document reader
  • Intuitive and easy to use application
  • Robust set of annotation tools
  • Online and offline capabilities
  • News Items
  • English and simplified Chinese language support.