BoardPad Minutes Launches Globally

ICSA Boardroom Apps Limited, the developers of BoardPad, officially launches BoardPad Minutes today. As a premium add-on to the existing board portal service, Minutes provides a collaborative and secure approach to the management and delivery of meeting minutes.

BoardPad Minutes transforms the system into a unified application for meeting administrators to manage the entire meeting process from start to finish. It was developed in partnership with a top global bank and provides an integrated and secure minute management platform.

Mike Evans, CEO of ICSA Boardroom Apps explains, “BoardPad Minutes is going to transform the process of traditional minute taking and save meeting administrator’s hours.”

“BoardPad Minutes removes the need to jump between programmes, and simplifies the overall minute taking process; allowing the user to fully manage the entire meeting process through the platform.”

“The software has been developed to help meeting administrators to streamline tasks involved before, during and after the meeting and can save them five to nine hours, per meeting. Each stage works seamlessly to help manage all the deliverables involved, therefore speeding up the creation and distribution of minutes.”

Key features of BoardPad Minutes:

  • Prepopulating capabilities
  • Associate minutes directly to Agenda and Action Items
  • Record minutes online and offline
  • Automated and customised distribution of minutes
  • Securely distribute, archive and retrieve minutes
  • Minutes are stored using BoardPad’s iron-clad security.

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