BoardPad for Windows evolves and celebrates Microsoft Windows 10 Anniversary update

Microsoft Windows has started rolling out its ‘Anniversary Update’ to portable devices. Accordingly, ICSA Boardroom Apps, a software company of ICSA: The Governance Institute, has released its newest BoardPad update for Windows; providing users with further flexibility in the devices they use when taking their boardroom paperless.

Microsoft are dubbing Windows 10 “the most secure Windows ever”. The update is said to offer significant security protection with a new platform architecture to harden devices against attacks.

Adam Bailey, Chief Product Officer for ICSA Boardroom Apps Limited says: “With cybercrime evolving and becoming ever more prevalent, information security has never been more critical. This is certainly a step in the right direction for Windows”.

“At BoardPad, we put the utmost importance on security. We store a company’s most confidential information and we have multiple measures in place to ensure that our security is iron-clad.”

“We are very excited to be launching the BoardPad for Windows update. BoardPad for Windows works seamlessly with the new Windows 10 update and being a desktop application, means that BoardPad for Windows is easy for the User to install. We have eradicated the need for complex sideloading that is common for many business applications.”

While Windows 10 is gaining largely positive reviews, many organisations still operate in older environments, predominately Window 7. BoardPad is one of the only board portals on the market offering support for Windows 7 devices and upwards.

“Many businesses use Windows as their primary operating system and BoardPad is one of the only board portals to offer support for Windows 7 devices and above. What this means is a significant reduction in the cost of adopting paperless meeting technology, as businesses do not need to purchase new devices and can easily roll out BoardPad across existing Windows devices”, says Mr Bailey.

Sharing and collaborating on the latest meeting documents in a digital workspace, saves company secretaries and meeting administrators time in the overall preparation of board meetings. The system has been built to easily accommodate any last minute amendments to meetings, allowing administrators to easily send updates to director’s devices.

“With BoardPad now available on Windows 7 devices and onward, we are seeing many of our clients rolling out the technology beyond the boardroom to executive and middle management. Companies are now providing executive and middle-management teams with a digital meeting solution; companies are increasing the security of their meeting documentation, becoming more efficient and saving on paper. It streamlines processes and helps teams to collaborate more efficiently”, says Mr Bailey.

“BoardPad offers executive and middle-management teams a highly intuitive platform to increase work efficiency and streamlines processes. It is cost-effective and, with the new BoardPad for Windows product, purchasing a new device is not necessary.”