Boards in pessimistic mood about the economy

Boards are in a pessimistic mood about the economy, indifferent to Brexit and frustrated about the tide of new regulation and legislation, according to the FT-ICSA Boardroom Bellwether report.

The biannual Summer 2016 report, by the ICSA: Governance Institute, summarises the key findings of a survey that questions companies on how they are addressing the challenges of the economy and market conditions.

The reports key findings include:

  • Boards are pessimistic about growth for the next 12 months and have low expectations
  • There is evidence that uncertainty over Brexit might be influencing opinion on the economy, but boards are not overly concerned about a possible exit from the EU and are not convinced that they need to engage in the debate
  • Fewer than half of respondents rated a UK exit as potentially damaging and only a few more have assessed the risks or planned for the possibility of an exit
  • Inside the Boardroom there is continuing pressure on boards to become more actively engaged in arrangements for risk management
  • There is considerable frustration arising from the tide of new regulation and legislation.

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