Is paperless finally on a tear? A HSJ Roundtable in association with BoardPad

Following on from BoardPad’s established partnership with the Health Service Journal, we were honoured to support them at a recent roundtable in London. Against the backdrop of digital guru Robert Wachter’s review, the roundtable examined the NHS’s progress towards a paperless future and the obstacles they face. Chaired by HSJ’s James Illman, the roundtable united technology leaders from inside and outside the NHS.

One running theme in the debate was the extent to which boards need to model adoption of technology.

James Harley, BoardPad Sales Manager commented:

“Even at the big acute trusts in London, you still get a few board members who are reluctant to make the transition from paper. My concern in the wider context of a paperless NHS is people not making the move in the boardroom and then trying to implement paperless initiatives across the whole trust. The move needs to come from above.”

The results were recently published in the HSJ magazine and the full article can be read here.

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