Seamless services from start to finish

Because our software is just the beginning of your paperless transition

View of a board meeting

Being a part of ICSA: The Governance Institute, we understand good governance should go across the board. Providing great software is just a small part of our service that helps you successfully implement a digital board portal solution.

Our dedicated team of specialists provide personalised training and support to make a smooth transition from paper board packs to electronic ones, through BoardPad.

With a global portfolio of clients who have successfully adopted BoardPad, you are in good hands.

Successful implementation

Bringing it all together

Director using BoardPad at board meeting

Before implementing BoardPad, we will work together with your organisation to ensure your first paperless board meeting runs smoothly.


Our implementation team will:

  • Evaluate how you manage your board meetings
  • Securely configure BoardPad to meet your specific needs
  • Assist with any queries you may have during the process
  • Work with you to create your first paperless meeting
  • Optionally be on site during your first BoardPad meeting

Training for all

A personalised approach

Consultant training a group of directors and CoSecs

During our hands-on training, we ensure your organisation understands how BoardPad and Connect can simplify your business practices.

You can choose on-site or remote bespoke training sessions for directors and meeting organisers.

As a software company of the ICSA and with a wide range of clients we understand the roles of directors and meeting organisers. With this knowledge our training programmes are tailored to their specific requirements and the size of the company.

Dedicated support

Assisting you every step of the way

Telephone support consultant at desk

We understand that any transition takes time and effort. The BoardPad team are on-hand before, during and after your first board meeting to ensure smooth running of your meeting and to answer any questions directors and support staff might have.

We provide dedicated 24/7 support with live support specialists, regular product enhancements and updates.

Lasting business relationship management

Our on-going commitment to you

We see the successful implementation of your first BoardPad meeting as the start of our business relationship with you, not the end!

As your needs may change, or new staff join your board or meeting administration team, a dedicated account manager will be on-hand to support you.

We value your feedback to ensure BoardPad evolves to meet your needs and cater to the ever changing corporate governance environment.